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Questions about Past Life Regression

What to expect in a Regression Session

What to Expect in a Regression Session video above. (sorry it's blurry)

Zoom instructions

What to Expect in a Hypnosis Session video also.

What will it feel like?
It's important to know that hypnosis just feels like relaxation.  Don't be misled by stage hypnosis or what you've seen in films.  You won't feel any loss of control.  You cannot be made to think or do anything that you do not believe in or agree to in advance.  You will also still be aware of being in the room and listening to my voice, while simultaneously being very inwardly involved in your subconscious mind's experience.  You will be able to stop the process at any time, should you wish to.  Keep in mind that you can always say "move forward please" to leave a scene.  Or you can float above a scene, watching as a witness.  You also will be able to talk and answer questions to help guide the process.

So what is Hypnosis?
We actually go into states similar to hypnosis several times a day, naturally.  One example is right before you go to sleep, when you're not sure you're awake or asleep yet.  Other times are when our focus becomes very narrow, such as when we get lost in reading a good book.  Another classic example is driving and arriving at your destination but realizing you're not quite sure what route you took.  These are all states of self hypnosis.  Self hypnosis also occurs when we fixate on thoughts, often negative, that narrow our mood.  It can be empowering to take more conscious control of this process, to direct it in a positive direction.

So how does Regression work?
Think about what you had for dinner last night.  How do you know?  You remember!  It may take you awhile to access the memory.  Notice what that process was like.  Regression involves accessing memories.  Childhood Regression is going back to memories in your childhood.  Past Life Regression involves going into memories in your soul's records in your subconscious mind.

What if I'm not very Visual?
Some people find that when they access memories, they may involve one sense more than another, or various combinations.  Not everyone is visual, and it isn't required that you see events from your past lives to remember details.  Some people will experience more physical sensations or they might hear answers to questions.  Many people report just knowing, or getting an impression, similar to when we have an intuition about something.

Trust the Process
The process of hypnotic regression encourages you to allow your left brain to relax enough that you suspend the skeptic voice within.  Many people report a feeling that they are "making things up" when they are actually accessing their subconscious.  It can be a foreign feeling at first -- though it feels similar to our dream experiences at times.  (Don't be surprised if you visit a life, or experience, that is not human by the way.)

It is really important to focus on trusting yourself and your process.  I will be asking you questions like a reporter.  Whatever comes up, the first thing you think of or feel is revealed to you, is usually correct, and it is ok to just share any detail even if it feels silly or fuzzy.

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    Jane Leu Rekas

    Author & Editor

    Jane Leu Rekas, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Hypnotist. She is also a Reiki Master and Astrologer.


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