Children and Teens

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Family Therapist and Play Therapist, I can work with your child or teen in various modalities.  The addition of hypnosis, either in session in person (recorded for repeated listening) or specially recorded for listening between sessions, can add deeper receptivity to suggestions for change.  Jane Rekas, LCSW, CHt (Certified Hypnotist)

  • Hypnosis Brochure Pediatric/Teen

  • Choose a Hypnosis Goal (Age 5 to 15)

    Behavior Problems

    Good boy, well done (5-9)
    Calm and polite (9/10-14)
    Calm and well behaved in class (8/9-12)
    Congratulations and progress (5/6-8)
    Manage change and disappointment (9/10+)

    Tics and Habits

    Spaceship master controls (5-8)
    You are in charge of your muscles (6/7-12)
    Turn off the tic (any age)
    Noises or twitches (10+)
    Stop sucking your thumb (4-7/8)




    Rewind procedure (any age)
    Throw anxious feelings into the garbage (4-8)
    Lucky dip (5-8)
    Treasure hunt (8-12)
    Worry castles in the sand (8-12)
    Virtual reality (10+)

    Obsessive Thoughts and Compulsive Actions

    Diminish the power of the unwanted thought (8/9+)
    Future time capsule (8-12)
    Thought-stopping on your computer mind (12+)
    Wait before you act (10+)
    Trichotillomania hand levitation (10+)

    Being Bullied

    Shrink the bully (6+)
    Protective bubble (verbal taunting or abuse) (8-12)
    Museum of your mind (building confidence, resilience and positive thinking (10-12+)
    Defeat the bully (8+)
    Cyber bullying (12+)

    Learning and Exams

    Listening and getting started (8/10-14)
    Concentrate and stay focused (10+)
    Improve your studying/reading for information skills (homework) (12+)
    Spelling strategy (adaptable to any age)


    You are very special (5-9)
    Be good at being yourself (6-12)
    Compliments (any age)
    You are a good friend (7/8 up)
    Ladder of confidence (8-12)
    Wash off harmful messages in your mind (10+)
    STOP messages on your mind computer (12+)


    Stay dry all night long (5/6-9)
    Wake up and get up when you need to use the toilet (9+)
    Calm and stretch your bladder (8+)


    Poo in the toilet (4-6)
    Robot help station (4-6/7)
    Change your toilet habits (8-12)
    Right time and place jigsaw (8-12/14)
    Mr Smelly Poo (5-6/8)

    Separation Anxiety

    Keep your thoughts in the right place (6-12)

    Sleeping Difficulties

    Deal with unwanted night-time thoughts (9+)
    Whisper away night-time worries (5-8/9)
    Sounds don't both you at all (8-12)
    Suggestions for fear of the dark

    Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy With Children  by Lynda Hudson

    "Pediatric Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis Helping Kids

    What is hypnosis? What is self-hypnosis? Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness . Some people describe hypnosis as a normal state of focused attention. They say they feel very relaxed and calm. During hypnosis, the mind is more open to suggestion than usual.
    Hypnosis is a natural mental state. For example, children are often in a state of self-hypnosis when they are playing imaginary games. Actors and athletes often use it to improve their performance. Because people are open to suggestion while in a hypnotic state, they can learn to change their thoughts, feelings, behavior, and attitudes.

    People can take these changes that happen during hypnosis and use them for self-improvement in their usual state of consciousness. For example, hypnosis can be used to help reduce anxiety, control pain, control the perception of discomfort during medical procedures, lessen discomfort of physical symptoms, and break bad habits.
    • Read Mind-Body Medicine: An Overview for the background on mind-body medicine, which includes hypnosis.  This article is from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, part of the National Institutes of Health.
    Are there any popular myths about hypnosis?
    Yes, there are lots mistaken beliefs about hypnosis. Here are the facts:
    Hypnosis does not:
    • Allow the hypnotherapist to control the subject's mind
    • Cause people to fall asleep
    • Make the subject forget what has happened
    • Make people do things against their will.
    What is the history of using hypnosis with children?
    Hypnosis of children was first described in 1779 by Mesmer, who reportedly used hypnotherapy to treat a child with visual problems. Historically, hypnotherapy was rarely practiced with children, because people thought that children could not be hypnotized. In the 1970's, however, observations suggested that children were easier to hypnotize than adults, and that hypnosis could be used in the treatment of behavioral and physical problems in children [1].

    What is pediatric hypnotherapy? As currently practiced, hypnotherapy most often involves teaching a child how to self-hypnotize in order to control bad habits, physical symptoms, and other conditions. The child learns to use relaxation techniques and mental images—similar to a daydream or fantasy—to enter an “altered mental state” (in other words, to induce hypnosis).

    Once in this altered state, the therapist makes suggestions aimed at producing the desired change in behavior, anxiety level, or symptom intensity [2], [3], [4] . These may range from recalling times of feeling happy and well in a child with chronic pain, to thinking of the body as a “computer” that the child can “program” with his or her mind.

    The child may also receive specific teaching about their problem as a means of helping them learn to exercise control over their body. For example, a child with nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) may be taught the basic anatomy and function of the bladder. Ultimately, the child is able to induce self-hypnosis when needed to achieve the desired changes.

    What are some uses of hypnotherapy in children? Hypnotherapy has been used to treat hundreds of behavior disorders, chronic diseases, and pain and discomfort. Here's a partial list:
    Behavior problems:
    Chronic Conditions:
    • Asthma
      Case reports suggest that hypnotherapy may reduce episodes of wheezing or shortness of breath, and may decrease reliance on asthma medications.
    • Cystic Fibrosis (CF)
      A study in adults and children with CF suggests that hypnotherapy can reduce symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, anxiety, and other problems commonly faced by these patients.
    • Migraine headaches
    • Cancer
      See this summary of how hypnosis might help kids with cancer.
    Control of pain, treatment and medical procedure discomfort and other symptoms:
    • Chronic pain in cancer patients
      Initial results from small studies showing that hypnotherapy can be used to manage chronic pain in children with cancer; larger studies are likely underway.
    • Nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy [10]
      Several studies comparing hypnotherapy to anti-nausea medications and simple relaxation techniques show that hypnotherapy plus medications was more effective than medications alone in reducing nausea and vomiting. Children treated with hypnotherapy had less pre- and post-chemotherapy nausea and vomiting.
    • Treatments: pill-swallowing, injections, and medical procedures
      Hypnosis has been shown to be very effective in helping children through painful procedures like shots, IV pokes, even spinal taps and bone marrow studies.

    We recommend only consulting licensed medical or mental health professionals with ASCH certification.
    For more information on pediatric hypnotherapy, visit the links below:
    Written and compiled by Carolyn Lorenz, M.D., Neda Yousif, M.D. and Kyla Boyse, R.N.  Reviewed by faculty and staff at the University of Michigan "

    Sleep Disorders
    General fearfulness
    Fear of Needles
    Performance Fears
    Sports Performance
    Teeth Grinding
    Bed Wetting
    Pain, temporary or ongoing
    Fear of Thunderstorms
    Fear of the Dark
    Fear of the Dentist
    Fear of MRI
    Thumb Sucking
    Nail Biting
    Hair Pulling
    Bowel and Toilet-training problems
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Anger Management
    Terminal Illness

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    Shy ChildA hypnotic story to make it easier to make friends
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    Guided Imagery Technique MP3 Download - Thoughts Library
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    17 minutes

    Quick Guided Imagery Relaxation MP3 Exercise for Children (Your child or children will learn a brief, relaxation exercise that can be used in a variety of settings. 3 minutes)

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    Quick Awareness of Breathing Meditation MP3 for Children
    (This short meditation exercise will help a child or children tune out the distractions and demands of everyday life and to focus on being. 4 minutes)

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    Fears and Phobias

    Hypnotic World MP3s

    Hypnosis MP3 Downloads
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    Addictive Personality
    Alcohol Cessation
    Alcohol Moderation
    Binge Drinking
    Caffeine Addiction
    Chewing Tobacco
    Chocolate Addiction
    Compulsive Spending
    Cutting Down on Smoking
    Gambling Addiction
    Nicotine Craving
    Nicotine Gum Addiction
    Pipe Smoking
    Psychic Phone Line Addiction
    Quit Smoking Now
    Salt Addiction
    Smoke-Free House
    Smoking Addiction 2
    Smoking Association
    Smoking Aversion
    Soft Drink Addiction
    Stop Smoking with Self Hypnosis
    Stopping Smoking
    Stopping Smoking with Time Distortion
    Stopping Smoking: The Valley
    Sugar Addiction
    TV Addiction

    Anger Management
    Anger Management
    Anger Management 2
    Stopping Swearing

    Business Skills and Finance
    Attracting Abundance
    Career Confidence
    Enjoy Your Job
    Executive Skills
    Financial Worries
    Natural Negotiation
    Successful Interviews
    Time Management

    Abortion Relaxation
    Baby Bonding
    Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby
    Breech Birth Relaxation
    Childbirthing Cycle Visualization
    Crying Baby
    Elective Caesarean Section
    Infertility Relaxation
    IVF Relaxation
    Morning Sickness Relaxation
    Natural Childbirth
    Pre-IVF Relaxation
    Sustaining a Healthy Pregnancy Visualization

    Children's Issues
    Child Meditation
    Children Hypno-Relaxation
    Confidence for Children
    Coping with Divorce for Children
    Fear of Vomiting for Children
    Magic Carpet Induction
    OCD: Balloon Room
    Opposition Defiance Disorder
    Perfect Parenting
    Separation Anxiety for Young Children
    Thumb Sucking

    Be Confident
    Best Man's Speech
    Blushing in Groups
    Camera Shy
    Circle of Confidence
    Confidence and Positivity
    Confidence at Work
    Confidence Building
    Confidence for Hypnotherapists
    Confidence Kite
    Confidence: Conference Table
    Confidence: Crystal Ball
    Confidence: Garden of Life
    Dating Confidence
    Ego Strengthening
    Football Confidence
    Inappropriate Laughter
    Increased Self Esteem
    Living in the Now
    Making Decisions
    Powerful Public Speaking
    Public Speaking
    Self Belief: Protective Shield
    Stop Stuttering

    Driving Test
    Driving Theory Test Nerves
    Exam Success
    Practical Exams
    Presentations and Exams

    Fears and Phobias
    Fear of Anaesthesia
    Fear of Authority
    Fear of Balloons
    Fear of Bees or Wasps
    Fear of Being Alone
    Fear of Birds
    Fear of Blood
    Fear of Bodily Functions
    Fear of Buttons
    Fear of Cats
    Fear of Childbirth
    Fear of Commitment
    Fear of Criticism
    Fear of Crowds
    Fear of Death
    Fear of Dental Treatment
    Fear of Doctors and Dentists
    Fear of Dogs
    Fear of Driving
    Fear of Eating
    Fear of Elevators
    Fear of Escalators
    Fear of Failure
    Fear of Fainting
    Fear of Fear
    Fear of Flying
    Fear of Flying 3
    Fear of Flying Everyday
    Fear of Frogs
    Fear of Germs
    Fear of Ghosts
    Fear of Heights or Bridges
    Fear of Injections
    Fear of Insects
    Fear of Inserting Contact Lenses
    Fear of Internal Examinations
    Fear of Intimacy
    Fear of Lizards
    Fear of Loud Noises
    Fear of Monsters (for Children)
    Fear of Moths
    Fear of Motorway Driving
    Fear of MRI Scans
    Fear of Needles (for Children)
    Fear of Passenger Driving
    Fear of Pregnancy
    Fear of Public Toilets
    Fear of Rats and Mice
    Fear of Rejection
    Fear of Snakes
    Fear of Spiders
    Fear of Spiders for Children
    Fear of Success
    Fear of Talking on the Telephone
    Fear of the Dark
    Fear of Thunderstorms
    Fear of Travel
    Fear of Trying New Food
    Fear of Vomiting
    Fear of Water 2
    Fearless Flying
    Phobia Release
    School Phobia
    Sea Sickness Relaxation
    Social Phobia

    Saying Goodbye

    Habits and Disorders
    Anorexia: A New Beginning
    Appetite Increase Visualization
    Chewing Annoyance
    Compulsive Lying
    Creating Alternatives
    Drink Driving Aversion
    Fear of Falling Over
    Knuckle Cracking
    Morning Person
    Mouth and Cheek Biting
    Nail Biting
    Nervous Cough
    Obsessive Behavior
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 3
    Overcome Bulimia
    Restless Leg Syndrome Relaxation
    Selective Mutism
    Snoring Relaxation
    Stop Thumb Sucking (for Adults)
    Swallowing Pills with Ease
    Teeth Grinding
    Tone Deafness
    Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling)
    Unwanted Thoughts Relaxation

    Abandoned Baby
    Finding Lost Objects

    Memory and Learning
    Accelerated Studying
    Better Handwriting
    Dance the Night Away
    Dyscalculia Relaxation
    Dyslexia Relaxation
    Foreign Language Study
    Listening Skills
    Memory and Concentration
    Mental Blocks
    Peak Performance
    Perfect Pianist
    Personal Pride
    Photographic Memory
    Presentations and Exams
    Speed Reading
    Stage Fright Auditions
    Super Learning
    Velvet Voice
    Writing Skills

    Pain Relaxation
    Comfortable Dentures Relaxation
    Muscular Relaxation

    Personal Development
    Accepting Responsibility
    Accepting Yourself
    Become Tidy and Organized
    Brain Power
    Charisma Visualization
    Great Guitar Playing
    Happiness Visualization
    Inner Adviser
    Life Changes
    Make Your Dreams Come True
    New Beginnings - Changing Personal History
    Over-Sensitivity Relaxation
    Reinvent Yourself
    Self Consciousness
    Song Writing Skills
    Speaking Slower
    The Joy of Reading
    Unlock your Creative Abilities
    Unlock Your Visualization Ability
    Writer's Block

    Psychic and Paranormal
    Automatic Writing
    Inner Truth Meditation
    Meeting Your Spirit Guide
    Out of Body Experience
    Psychic Protection

    Regression and Progression
    Affect Bridge Technique
    Age Regression
    Back to the Womb
    Chakra Regression
    Future Life Progression
    Hall of Mirrors
    Higher Consciousness
    Inner Child
    Life Script
    Past Life Rainbow
    Past Life Regression
    Rainbow Regression
    Tree of Life

    Accepting Alcoholism
    Co-dependency to Independence
    Dealing with Divorce
    Draw Love into Your Life
    Ending a Relationship
    Forgetting an Ex-Lover
    Heartbreak Relaxation
    Hypnosis for Lovers
    Moving on in a Relationship
    Premature Ejaculation
    Rebuilding Trust
    Saying No to Sex
    Successful Step Parenting
    Unrequited Love

    Deep Relaxation
    Island Walk
    Ski Slope
    The Road to Granada

    Self Hypnosis
    Hypnotize Yourself

    Sports Improvement
    Better Basketball
    Better Snooker
    Bike Riding Confidence
    Boxing Boost
    Champion Darts
    Championship Cricket
    Chess Master
    Exercise for Fun
    Exercise Motivation
    Perfect Poker
    Perfecting a Back Handspring
    Rock Climbing
    Rugby League
    Running and Jogging
    Show Jumping Confidence
    Sports Improvement
    Tennis Improvement
    Wrestling Improvement

    Stress and Anxiety
    Anger Tool
    Anxiety Release
    Gagging Relaxation
    Guilt Complex
    Hyperventilation Relaxation
    Mind Clutter
    Morbid Thoughts
    Negative Release
    Panic Attacks Relaxation
    Separation Anxiety
    Silver Sack Negativity
    Stress Management
    Wash Away Stress
    Wedding Day Nerves
    Work Worries

    Weight Loss
    Attic Weight Loss
    Boredom Eating
    Easy Weight Loss
    Festive Eating
    Fit, Trim and Healthy
    Gastric Band Hypnosis Adjustment
    Gastric Band Weight Loss
    Hypnotic Gastric Band
    Maintaining Weight Loss
    Night-Time Eating
    Weight Gain for Women
    Weight Loss
    Weight Loss (NLP Type Approach)
    Weight Loss - Escape from Prison
    Weight Loss: Control Room
    Weight Loss: Trick the Mind
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